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Video: ccSalon Seoul 2nd "code can be an art" by Yongsu Han

“Code can be an art”

Most people give an inquiring look when they heard this short phrase. CCK(Creative Commons Korea) held the second ccSalon in Seoul from this unique point of view.

At the network where Creative Commons has grown up, the code itself is the most abundant commons and the code-creating people are the most active contributor of the creative resource on the network. We thought it would be cool if we could regard their every single activity as a creative art.

“A discussion of art from the standpoint of anybody who loves the code”, 2nd ccSalon’s target was this much simple. Yes, anybody, anyone. Whoever loves to code and whoever loves the artifact of code could be an artist. This salon started with this simple idea.

The artists whose main tool has been code itself were first invited to do a media-jam as an introduction event. Seung-joon Choi and Regan Hwang showed us amazing arts and demos and let people know about the fact “code can be an art”.

Seungjoon’s colorful arts grabbed audience’s wow. He interacted with audiences using simple codes and his codes showed different arts according to the interaction.

How could we forget the keynote speech from the renowned residential DJ? DJ Sungwoo gave an eye-opening speech regarding the similarity between DJs and developers. Utilizing DJ’s insight, he demonstrated how to live fun as creator.

ccSalon is, as we all know, an open community welcoming anybody’s participation. So did ccSalon in Seoul, and the code-jam event was our mission to share this enthusiasm.

Simple string called “code can be an art” is all you got and you have to create something from it. This simple rule is announced beforehand and participants created and submitted a really simple code to show their artistic soul. There were participants who couldn’t make it to ccSalon, and some other participants did a coding on the run using his laptop at the salon. Finally 11 participants submitted the code art and we shared each of them using 60inch PDP. Everybody was asked “Did you enjoy creating something for this jam?” and the answer was always “Yes”. Yes, we were trying to revoke the “Yes” toward our simple instinct called creativity.

Artist Reagan Hwang collected every pieces of their work together and created another stream of art on the fry, and here is the final artwork.

After the jam, Korean style dinners were served with some “soju” and beers and we moved to the final round of ccSalon: the panel discussions.

8bit computer kid’s nostalgia

Could code be widely regarded as an artform?

As night falls, the scene changes at ccSalon and there were late casual discussions for those with lots of energy left. We met lots of wonderful people there, and we shared and dreamed about how this simple human instinct could change us. The instinct called creativity.

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